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Guild Rules

Guild Philosophy & Rules

1. Guild Philosophy

The "Hellenic Glory" community is a close, helpful and friendly one. Once accepted to the family, we expect our members to socialize and be a part of the Team. We also expect our members to help work for progress, both in raids and individually.

Raiders are expected to be punctual, ready to go with whatever reagents are necessary, logged onto Ventrilo and willing to work as a team. "Casual" does not mean "slack" and when we get the time to raid, if anything, we need to be more efficient than the "average" in order to make good use of the precious time we can all spare.

2. Guild Rules

i. General

Although HG started off as a Greek guild, opening our gates to new members resulted in changing our language to English. While the use of "foul" language will not be tolerated, occasionally there might be some "slip of the tongue".

Always try to help other members of the Guild.

ii. Guild Ranks
Guild Master

Senior Officer
Raid Officer

iii. Charaters & Specs

In general, each player is allowed to have only his/her Main character in the Guild. The only Alts that will be admitted are those of Lvl 70 and active. The final decision concerning the admission of an Alt will be taken by the Officers, depending on whether this character will help the Guild in progressing. "Death Knights" will not considered to be Alts.

It's the players' choice how they choose to spend their talent points, no player will be forced to respec at any point. However, Raiders will be required to have a spec viable for their raid role and respec-ing for the Guild's common good will be highly appreciated and relevant costs will be taken up by the Guild's bank.

iv. Initiates
Initiation period is 3 weeks, starting from the in date. During this period you will be required to show up for at least 3 raids, so we can see how you work in a team and to ensure we recruit like-minded players. Initiates do not have loot priority and will only take loot if no other player needs. Upon the introduction of the DKP system, you'll earn DKP, but most likely won't get to spend it until fully accepted in the Guild. Initiates have 1 week after their inv to the Guild to get the demanded add-ons and Ventrilo working. Not complying by these rules will result in immediate Guild removal.

v. Guild Bank

The guild bank is here to help members getting some tradeskill mats, gems, pots, food easily. Since those items don't appear out of nowhere we expect Guild members to help with what they can. If there is something you need from Guild bank and you do not have access to any tab(s) please contact the Treasurer.

vi. Inactivity

We expect our members to be active players. If you stay offline for more than 4 weeks without having informed an Officer, you will be automatically removed from the Guild.

vii. Applying to other Guilds

If someone applies to another guild, it is because he/she doesn't want to be a member of our family. Therefore, the Officers have the right to immediately remove him/her from the Guild's roster. We would appreciated if you talked to an Officer if you are facing a problem or have any other concerns.

3. Raiding

i. Raid Signups

We expect that every member checks the Guild's calendar and signs up for the events. Constantly not complying with this rule automatically means lack of interest.

ii. Raid Preparation

We expect each raider to bring: Supply of pots, flasks, food and whatever else needed for the raid. While we make an effort to help everyone out as needed its your responsibility to be at the raid with the necessary consumables. Constantly not complying with this rule automatically means lack of interest.

It is the raiders' responsibility to know the relevant tactics beforehand (and possibly have seen relevant videos). Boss tactics can be easily found under the "Boss Tactics" section of our site. Constantly not complying with this rule automatically means lack of interest.

iii. Raid Composition
Raid group composition is of paramount importance, therefore the Raid Leader holds the prerogative to invite the people needed to make the raid a success. Raid Leader can also change the raid instance if he thinks that group's composition is not the right one.

iv. Raiding Times

To Be Announced soon.

Raiders should be online at least 15 minutes before the start of the event and get prepared for the raid. Due to real life issues exceptions can be made. If you know that you will be late, please leave a comment on signup page, or inform an Officer.

v. Ventrilo
All players must be on Ventrilo during the raid. Comments which are ironic, or lead to demoralisation of any raid members will not be tolerated and will result in removing the offender from the raid group. We all like to have fun when raiding, but Ventrilo should be kept clear when setting targets and boss fights.

vi. Addons

All players must have the demanded addons (oRA2, DBM and Omen) to raid. Other addons, depending on class, may also be needed. Ask an Officer for advise.

vii. Discipline

When raiding we expect everyone to always follow the RL's directions. He/she is responsible for everything concerning the raid. If you have suggestions of changes in strategy, you can discuss these in off-raiding hours with an officer. Yelling and/or other inappropriate behavior during a raid will result in immediate removal from the group. If there are any questions about encounters do not hesitate to ask the RL PRIOR to the raid.

Not complying to one of these preparations and rules will result in removal from the raid group. If this results the raid impossible to continue, the raid will be cancelled.


Loot distribution

DKP system will be used for "progression raids" loot. More info will be posted at a later stage. When an instance is on farming mode, no DKP system applies. Instead rolling will be utilized. Obviously RL will also check if someone needs the upgrade more than others, and try to strengthen the guild as a whole. It's important for us to be fair, share the loot, have a good atmosphere and fun, both during raids and in the Guild in general.

Tier Tokens

Tier tokens will be rolled for. Loot priority will be: Tanks – Healers – DPS - Initiates.

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